Glenn Frey Online

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ringtones Galore and Downloads to Boot

I couldn't sleep last night (as usual) so I wound up spending some time making Glenn Frey ringtones (scroll down to solo). There's quite a few new ones, actually. My favorite is the new one I made from "That Girl" - "raindrops are fallin', and I feel like callin' that girl." Appropriate for females!

I also changed the downloads. By request, I've put up the video of Partytown from the out-of-print Strange Weather VHS, and also an MP3 of Tequila Sunrise from Osaka 1976.

Monday, September 03, 2007

New Download Rotation

With all the excitement of the past couple of weeks, I've neglected the Featured Downloads. This week we have an MP3 of Desperado from Casino Rama 2005, as kind of a nod towards my fun-filled Canadian adventure this year. For the video, we have a terrific version of Already Gone from Buffalo 1994. Check out Frey singing "And I heard you were gonna put me on the shelf" to the camera with a sad look on his face, then after the line laughing. Gotta love it! You'll find it all on The Featured Download Page.