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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More Info on the Roxy Show

I called the venue and found out some more information on Glenn's April 11 show at the Roxy in Los Angeles, Calfornia.

  • The show starts at 8:00; doors open at 7:30.

  • General Admission tickets are $25 if you pre-order, $30 if you pay at the door. For those of you who aren't familiar with the Roxy, a general admission ticket means that you're going to be standing in a tightly-packed throng of people in front of the stage - first come, first serve. I have heard some say that they managed to grab an unreserved table with a GA ticket, but the Roxy insists that won't happen. If you're lucky, you'll get right up next to the stage. There is officially a two-drink minimum, although I've heard some say that enforcement is sketchy for a GA ticket holder - unless he/she tries to sit down. Those under 21 will have to pay an additional charge of $3 since their non-alcoholic drinks are cheaper.

  • VIP tickets are $75. According to the employee I talked to, "VIP" means that you get to take advantage of some booths and limited seating in a "VIP section" in the back. Booths and tables are shared. Only 21 and over are allowed to get VIP tickets. There is a two-drink minimum which is not included in the price and is enforced (unless you're a big shot). Apparently big shots do indeed buy tickets and sit in the VIP section on occasion, but no promises (obviously the employee was pushing the VIP tickets).

  • The show is not listed on Ticketmaster, so the only way to get tickets is to call the box office. The number is (310) 278-9457. The box office is open from 10:30 am - 5:30 pm California time.

  • There are a lot of acts, so sets will be short. As the headliner, Glenn will probably play six or so songs, according to the employee I talked with.

  • And last but not least, if you scroll down on the Roxy's Upcoming Shows page, you will see a poster that gives the names of the other people at the show. It's quite an unusual mix. Besides Glenn, those listed are:

    • Don Was of Was (Not Was) - remember "Walk the Dinosaur"? Interestingly, he is more known as a producer and has produced Glenn, yet he's given top billing along with Glenn as a performer.
    • Daniel Powter whose main claim to fame is the hit "Bad Day"(see his official site)
    • Inara George and Greg Kurstin, aka the alternative duo The Bird and the Bee (see their official site)
    • Robert Francis, who calls his style of music tango/thrash (see his MySpace)
    • Hello Stranger (see their MySpace)
    • Test Your Reflex (see their Myspace)
    • Shwayze, who bill themselves as rap/hip/hop/indie (see their Myspace - scroll down)
    • Under Glenn's name in smaller print, presumably as part of the band, the familiar name Michael Thompson
    • Also under Glenn's name and presumably backing, Glenn's son Deacon!
It promises to be a unique experience. How many times are you gonna see this mix - heck, Glenn Frey alone, for that matter - for $25 (if you brave the sweaty, hot, teeming throng of twenty-somethings pressing against you from all sides in a small area with negligible air conditioning) or for $75 tops (if you'd rather sit in comfort, away from the stage)? Even if you imbibe several of their overpriced drinks, you're doing pretty good. It's a historic venue, after all, and is said to have good sound. Plus, it's for a good cause. Might even be worth travelling for.

Tickets are on sale now - better get one before it's sold out.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Time to Update

I know I've been remiss - letting a whole month go by without updates - but it's crunch time for the dissertation and I've had to mete out my time carefully. Without further ado, some recent news and updates...
  • According to the LA Times, Glenn will play the "Keep A Child Alive" benefit on April 11. The organization helps children suffering from AIDS in Africa.

  • According to the Associated Press, Glenn's mother and father donated an acoustic guitar signed by the Eagles to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. They said they were motivated by the fact that Glenn grew up in the Boys and Girls Club in Detroit when he was younger.

  • An update of the Multimedia Downloads - an MP3 of Tequila Sunrise, a HFO outtake, and a video of Glenn doing Desperado with the Little River Band in Australia, 1988.

  • And isn't this a cute photo of Glenn Frey with Stevie Nicks circa 1976? My heroes! Oh yeah, Elton John and his guitarist Davey Johnstone, too.