Friday, March 21, 2008

Time to Update

I know I've been remiss - letting a whole month go by without updates - but it's crunch time for the dissertation and I've had to mete out my time carefully. Without further ado, some recent news and updates...
  • According to the LA Times, Glenn will play the "Keep A Child Alive" benefit on April 11. The organization helps children suffering from AIDS in Africa.

  • According to the Associated Press, Glenn's mother and father donated an acoustic guitar signed by the Eagles to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. They said they were motivated by the fact that Glenn grew up in the Boys and Girls Club in Detroit when he was younger.

  • An update of the Multimedia Downloads - an MP3 of Tequila Sunrise, a HFO outtake, and a video of Glenn doing Desperado with the Little River Band in Australia, 1988.

  • And isn't this a cute photo of Glenn Frey with Stevie Nicks circa 1976? My heroes! Oh yeah, Elton John and his guitarist Davey Johnstone, too.


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