Monday, June 16, 2008

Review of the show at the Manhattan Beach Lodge

I wound up going to the show over in Manhattan Beach, Minnesota - or Crosslake, depending on where you stand - and I wrote a review of it here.

There's another brief fan review here.

One of Glenn's friends, author Thomas Sullivan, got to spend the weekend with him up in the Brainerd Lakes region (lovely place) in addition to seeing the show, and he wrote a bit about it on his "Storytellers Unplugged" blog entry (scroll down to the last big paragraph starting with "There is another nature story..") Trivia buffs and hardcore Frey fans may remember that Thomas Sullivan is the guy who came up with the phrase "moral malnutrition" which Glenn borrowed for I've Got Mine, and he is thanked in the liner notes.

Finally, tons of great photos on the Brainerd Dispatch site!


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