Monday, November 03, 2008

Eating Up the Eighties

Starting out that lovely decade of the eighties....

A full solo show from Oakland, California in 1982!
1. I Found Somebody
2. All Those Lies
3. Lyin' Eyes / Take It Easy
4. The One You Love
5. Partytown
6. Sea Cruise
7. Don't Give Up
8. Heartache Tonight
9. I've Been Born Again
10. Slow Down

By request: A rip of Smuggler's Blues off of Miami Vice
At the end of the eponymous Smuggler's Blues episode on Miami Vice, a snippet of an acoustic arrangement is played under the dialogue. Download it here.

A tour page for a solo show in South Bend, Indiana 1985
A tour page with some really hot photos - see what I mean here!

Two videos from a solo show in Tokyo, 1986
(Quality not the greatest, but they still rock - especially The Allnighter!)

Sexy Girl
Download as .mpg (37 megs)
Download as .wmv (9 megs)

The Allnighter
Download as .mpg (39 megs)
Download as .wmv (9 megs)

From the days of Soul Searchin' and Livin' Right:
Glenn does an ad for Bally's Gym
Download as .mpg (3 megs)
Download as .wmv (1 meg)

A wallpaper from Glenn's stint on Wiseguy in the late 80s:

Download as 800x600 :: Download as 1024x768

Lastly, three avatars!


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