Sunday, November 02, 2008

Swingin' Through the Seventies

5 days to go 'til Glenn Frey turns 60! Today, we focus on the wild and crazy seventies. I've added nine sidebars, one from each year, that'll pop up on the side of the front page every now and then. There are also some new photos in every 70s gallery.

Now for the other goodies!

The earliest audio I have of Glenn:
Get Up Kate (with Linda Ronstadt, at the Troubadour 1971)

A wallpaper using a photo from an early live show promoting the first Eagles album:

800x600 :: 1024x768

A video from the famous BBC 1973 show promoting Desperado:
Peaceful Easy Feeling
Download .mpg (48 megs)
Download .wmv (11 megs)

Two videos from California Jam 1974 (thanks Allen P.)
James Dean
Download .mpg (32 megs)

Download .wmv (9 megs)

Already Gone
Download .mpg (38 megs)
Download .wmv (11 megs)

A song from a concert right before One Of These Nights came out:
Ol' 55 (Springfield 1975)

A video from a Hotel California concert that was on Glenn's birthday:
Lyin' Eyes (Houston 1976)

Download .mpg (64 megs)

Download .wmv (15 megs)

A song from a Long Run concert in Japan:
Heartache Tonight (Osaka 1979)

And last but not least, some avatars through the years:

(Note: Speaking of the seventies, a couple months ago, I put up the entire Holland 1973 show on If you haven't checked it out, you can find it here. It has a rare videos like Outlaw Man and Out of Control).

See you tomorrow when we go retro 80s!


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