Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Glenn Frey Participates in Songwriters Hall of Fame Master Session at NYU

This one popped up on a Google alert. Sounds like it would be a fascinating evening!

"Legendary Songwriter Glenn Frey to be Guest at the Songwriters Hall of Fame Master Session Series at NYU"

The event is described as "part lecture, part performance, and part in-depth interview, concluding with a Q&A."

According to the site, the event is open to "the NYU community, members of the Hall of Fame, and the music community."

When: October 25 at 7:00 pm
Where: NYU's Frederick Loewe Theatre.


Blogger Chris said...

This was the single best discussion on songwriting I have ever attended and someone I met last night agreed. For songwriters out there, it looked like NYU was recording this so it would be worth trying to get a copy.

I always liked the Eagles- this made me like them, and especially Glenn, even more. I think most people think that a band is about sex, drugs, and more drugs, and music. The reality for these guys is it was constant hard work- and they were dedicated.

The other thing is Glenn Fry is a real gentleman, at least it seemed that way to me- I was very impressed. And I spoke with him at the end- what a decent guy; he was nice to everybody who approached him. I doubt he made a ton of money for this, but he imparted more wisdom about songwriting and generally hard work and dedicating yourself to excellence- I wasn't expecting that at all. The Occupy Wall Street crowd could learn a lot from his message, but then again they'd have to want to work- and they'd probably get depressed to find out that a musician works so hard.

Thanks, Glenn, that was memorable.

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