Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Best wishes to Glenn Frey

Glenn has been hospitalized for a flare-up of his intestinal problems and is expected to undergo surgery. We wish him all the best and hope for a timely recovery.

Nov. 4, 2015


Blogger Unknown said...

Glenn, Listen to your doctors, nurses and listen to your body. You know what you need to do to help you. Looking forward to the next Eagles concerts!!

Past "I was where you are now" almost 6 years ago. Questions? Support?
Barbara Waters

10:44 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Glenn, hang in there. The shit hurts your belly, believe it. Get well, and thanks for your great tunes all these years.

8:09 PM  
Blogger MarleneLaskeyHollenkamp said...

In 1965 you sang with a band for the first time at a party on our tennis court. 50 years later, and hopefully never too late, I congratulate you on the development of your talents. Wishing you well, Marlene Laskey Hollenkamp

5:04 PM  

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