Monday, December 18, 2006

New Message Board!

I decided to switch from the old private message board to a new-and-improved open Eagles message board called The Border. Check it out!

I also upgraded the screen caps for I Found Somebody. They're still not terrific, but they're better than they were.

The downloads for this week: audio from one of the Millennium shows in 1999 - Seven Bridges Road. The video is Tequila Sunrise from Holland 1973. These will be the last download updates for 2006, as on Tuesday I'm heading to Houston to visit the family. I'll still do a brief "remote" update here and there, but no uploads from that painfully slow dial-up connection.

Frey Sightings
  • Last Thursday, Frey played at Tiger Woods' Target World Challenge Pro-Am golf tourment in Thousand Oaks, California according to Yahoo News (check out the photo)! Also, there is a brief clip with Frey in it from that same event (thanks Kath).

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