Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Happy Birthday Glenn!

November 6, 1948. A day that will live in infamy...

Just teasing. Happy birthday Glenn! To celebrate, I've gotten caught up on all those updates I've been meaning to do, with the addition of a few special treats.

First off, just for fun, here's a video of JD Souther wishing Glenn a Happy Birthday at a Houston show in 1976 (this is becoming a birthday tradition).

In other multimedia news, I've put up on the downloads page a video of Before the Ship Goes Down from San Diego 1992. It's not the best quality, but as Glenn says in it, "We have to extract joy from living every single day" - appropriate for a day such as this. Also, I've put up an MP3 of Ol' 55 from the Kirshner Rock Concert in 1974. OK, he's 59 not 55, but who's counting? As he has said, "After 40, age is just a number you hide from."

A special birthday wallpaper: Glenn Frey through the years

And some little slide shows I put together tracing the years. Now, perhaps I got a bit carried away making so many, but they're fun for me to do, and I think by the last one (You Are Not Alone), I've started to get the hang of it. I stuck 'em on YouTube for your viewing pleasure!

Glenn Frey Over the Years: Still the Same
Glenn Frey in the 70s: Help Me!
Glenn Frey in the 80s: The Allnighter
Glenn Frey in the 90s: This Way to Happiness
Glenn Frey, current: You Are Not Alone

I've added some material to Quotable Frey - specifically, the pages about family, music, fitness, charity work, and the songs "Walk in the Dark" and "I've Got Mine"

I've added some photos to the galleries - especially check out the Long Road Out of Eden gallery and its new Los Angeles Nokia photos. Other galleries with additions: Eagles LP gallery, The Border gallery , the One of These Nights gallery, the Hotel California gallery, the Long Run gallery, The Allnighter gallery, the Party of Two gallery, the Hell Freezes Over gallery, the late 90s gallery, the new millennium gallery, and the Farewell 1: Last Legs gallery.

I've added a dozen Strange Weather era articles here

I've added show reviews for Ventura 1992, Los Angeles 1992, and San Juan Capistrano 1992

I've fleshed out the Party of Two tour page, which now includes all the dates of the tour. Finally, a comprehensive tour page! My goal is that one day, I'll have comprehensive tour dates for ALL of his tours.

Finally, you can check out the lyrics to Glenn's Long Road Out of Eden songs here.

Hope he has a great day. Rock on, Glenn!

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