Sunday, January 08, 2006

Updated multimedia - meanwhile, Frey & Walsh play for PGA in Hawaii

Updated the multimedia page with a video of the BBC 1973 outtake "Out of Control" (Awesome clip except for some blips in the last few seconds). Also, an MP3 of The Heat is On from Rama, Ontario 2005.

In the news, the Party of Two is revived for Golfers in Hawaii (see first Frey Sighting). Lucky guys!

Frey Sightings

  • Glenn and Joe did a show for the PGA in Hawaii last Friday, as reported by this article (the second item).
  • The Eagles also wind up with having both Farewell1 and Hell Freezes Over in Australia's top 5 selling Music DVDs of 2005 as reported here. Feel the Aussie love!
  • The Eagles' concert in Salinas is No. 11 on the Salinas Californian's Top Stories of 2005, right after the opening of a new movie theater. Apparently not too much happens in Salinas.
  • A Frey-related pun used to diss Canadian boo-ers here
  • An interview with Eagles hairstylist here

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