Thursday, May 25, 2006

Florida tickets go on sale Friday at 5:00 EDT

Don't forget guys, if you want tickets for the Florida show, they go on sale tomorrow (Friday) at 05:00 PM EDT.

Frey sightings:
  • Glenn is briefly mentioned in's review of the new book Laurel Canyon. Eagles hard-cores know that was where Glenn and Don spent a lot of time in the 70s! If you want more info about it, click on the book's site.
  • Another book, Hotel California, obviously has the Eagles in it (though they are not as prominently featured as the title would imply). In this review (scroll down), we get the following telling excerpt: "Glenn Frey and Don Henley 'were the horniest boys in town, living without rules or limits,' one ex-girlfriend says. 'We used to call that song (Lyin' Eyes) Lyin' Guys.'''
  • Glenn is mentioned in this article as a proponent of Taylor Guitars.
  • The Eagles are playing Munich's Olympiahalle tonight. The next show is Rome on May 27th.

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