Saturday, July 29, 2006

Back to Reality

Well, the Glenn Frey Prelude to Obscurity tour is pretty much over, except for one more private show. So, all the shows formerly under "upcoming shows" have now been moved to the Prelude to Obscurity 2006 Tour Page. Also, Glenn did a new song during the shows that he said might be on the new Eagles album - if they ever get it finished. It's called I Love to Watch a Woman Dance and as you can see, I went ahead and gave it a page on the site. I also added a photo I took at the Mt. Pleasant concert. (And I must add - what terrific shows. If he ever tours again, I'm there.)

As for the downloads of the moment: Take It Easy from last year's Casino Rama show, and a video of Take It to the Limit from Tokyo 1986.

Frey Sightings:

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