Saturday, July 01, 2006

MEGA - update!

A lot of stuff to update now that I'm back! First, put up some photos from the Twickenham concert by the husband of a girl who goes by "WitchyMummy"and some I took myself - mine are the digital camera ones that aren't as good. I also put up a photo I took at Cardiff, more as a momento than anything else, as it isn't the best quality!

Also, the multimedia downloads for this week: Long Hot Summer from Devon, PA 1993 (a nod to my recent trip to Devon, England!) and a video of Doolin-Dalton from Seattle 1976. That one's a bit dark, but I like the song, so there you go. It cuts off mid-way; we'll get the other half, the Reprise, next week.

P.S. Wanted to add - the Eagles rocked the UK.

And - on a personal note - welcome to the world, my new nephew Austin William, who was born while I was away!

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