Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Independence Day!

Hope all the Americans had a Happy Independence Day! I'd meant to do this update earlier, but it was time to see the fireworks and I had to save it for when I got back. However, belatedly, I'd encourage you to listen to a live version of Better in the USA to enhance those patriotic feelings!

Now, as I've posted before, I got a bit backed up on updates for GFO. As a result, I've got a huge amount to dump on you now. Here goes:

Multimedia downloads: an MP3 of Chug All Night from Lenox in 1974 and a video of Lyin' Eyes from Seattle 1976, in honor of the song winning the One Of These Nights Survivor game.

Wallpapers: three wallpapers by Maleah.

MP3s: I finally got a Japanese copy of Strange Weather and added a MP3 of the studio version of Ain't It Love to the Fun Stuff Downloads (Great song!)

Photos: new photos can be found in the One of These Nights gallery, the Hotel California gallery, the Long Run gallery, the Allnighter gallery, the Soul Searchin' gallery, the Strange Weather gallery, the South of Sunset gallery, the late nineties gallery, the millennium gallery, the Farewell 1 First Legs era, and the Farewell 1 Last Legs era.

Golf pages: more screen shots have been added to the Pebble Beach 2007 page.

Tour pages: I've made a page for the recent Starkey Benefit, including photos, and added material to the Irvine 1982 show, the Revlon 2004 Benefit, the Lupus LA 2006 Benefit, and the Las Vegas Cannery Show in 2004 (including a review by Mag.)

Frey sightings:
  • It has been reported by sites such as Undercover that Don Henley has announced that the Eagles album will be out on October 30. However, when a spokesman for Henley was asked about it, he had no comment on the matter. Make of that what you will. I think we can at least have cautious optimism.

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Blogger Ivealwaysbeenadreamer said...

Wow Nancy - Thanks for all of these updates. Looks like I'm going to be here for awhile. :)

10:05 AM  
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