Sunday, January 15, 2006

Another multimedia update and more Party of Two fun in Hawaii

Updated the multimedia page again - as you guys may guess, I'm trying to change the downloads on a quasi-weekly basis now that I'm back from vacation. This week, I put up an .mpg file of Desperado Frey-style from Dublin 1992. It's a very passionate rendition - I love it. Also, I put up an MP3 of After Hours from the Royal Oak 2000 solo concert. I know it's not the best quality audio, but it's an unreleased song that I believed he never played in concert before or since (except doing it on a radio program once). Definitely worth a listen - it's gorgeous. I wish he had released it.

Frey Sightings
  • Check this out guys! Glenn and Joe did karaoke at Japanese restaurant while in Hawaii! It's in the second paragraph under "Sight 'ems" here.
  • Glenn and Joe's show also enabled golfer Tim Petrovic to make a pun. As stated in about the middle of this article, "The gusts had so wearied competitors that a day after rockers Glenn Frey and Joe Walsh performed a Friday night bash for golfers and their families at the Ritz-Carlton, Tim Petrovic told GolfWorld, 'That's two more eagles than we've seen in two days.'"

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