Saturday, April 15, 2006

Downloads from overseas!

Julie G. sent me a DVD of Frey appearances in Australia in 1988. They include a Don Lane interview where a woman caller admits she'd like to have an affair with Glenn and an MTV interview where Glenn excoriates late '80s rock music. The third is an interview done before the Sydney, Australia show in 1988. Frey played there with the Little River Band, and the interview is of both him and the LRB lead singer Glenn Shorrock. They are also shown rehearsing The Heat Is On for that show. All of these can be found here.

Speaking of, the video for this week is Glenn Frey and the Little River Band doing The Heat Is On in Brisbane, 1988, for the World Expo. The audio of the week is also special. Jared W. sent me a Tokyo 1992 show where Glenn performs the ultra-rare Ain't It Love. It's terrific! Both can be found here.

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