Sunday, September 24, 2006

Oops! Forgot last week! But new stuff now

Sorry I forgot to announce updates last week! But for this week, we have some cool stuff.

Bree sent the photo from her pre-Mt. Pleasant Meet'n'Greet and also an accompanying show photo, which are the first two photos on the Mt. Pleasant show page - scroll down to see them. (And no, seeing that first photo doesn't make me regret giving her the VIP pass I'd lucked into... well... ok, maybe I regret it just a little... it seemed the right thing to do because she had never met him and I had... but I didn't know there would be photos! I have no photo - I was too chicken to ask him to pose with me when I met him, but I so wanted one! Oh well. I probably would have looked fat in the photo anyway.)

I also found a good quality version of the video for Love in the 21st Century and put it on its video page for download.

The multimedia downloads have also been changed: the video is Already Gone from Seattle 1976 and the song is a Hell Freezes Over outtake, Heartache Tonight.

Finally, I updated the "About Me" page, which was a bit out of date.

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