Sunday, December 10, 2006

More updates

I switched the downloads again - this week, the video is Take It Easy from Central Park (1972) and the audio is Smuggler's Blues from Yokohama, Japan (1995).

I created a new page detailing the compilations Frey songs have appeared on. Before I compiled this information, I had no idea the Heat Is On had been on so many of those things - it even managed to get included on "Movie's Greatest Love Songs" (?!)

I added information on a few more guest appearances, including the Jake Trout and the Flounders CD where Frey actually appeared on a little video that was on the enhanced CD as well as on an interview snippet. He even sang a verse of the parody entitled Struggler's Blues. I included snippets for download.

I also added details on a few more corporate shows Frey has done, including his concert for the State Farm convention in Las Vegas in September (great photos!) and a Hawaiian Party of Two show from 2005 (more photos)!

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