Monday, February 19, 2007

Updates, Updates, Updates

Since my trip out of town, I've been remiss on updating. Here's some new stuff:

New downloads: a video of Lyin' Eyes from Houston 1976, and a MP3 of Peaceful Easy Feeling from Frey's solo show at Casino Rama 2005.

New wallpaper: This one is from HFO.

New articles: Scanned in articles from Circus (1973), BAM (1982), and Rolling Stone (1990). While doing research for the golf section of the site, I also came across a nice article about his charity work in The Patroit Ledger (2000).

New video: I put up a pretty good quality version of Frey's video Livin' Right, and redid the screen caps for it. (Note: there is both a .mpg and .wmv version of the file. I've decided I'm going to put up .wmv aka "Windows Media Video" compressed versions of all permanent GFO videos because the loss of quality is not great and the download size is more manageable for people with dial-up. For those who want the highest quality, however, I will still put up .mpg versions).

Frey Sightings
  • This article from Inside Bay Area contains a quote from Frey about playing in the rain on Saturday
  • This article from has a quote from Frey on receiving the invitation for Pebble Beach
  • This article from the Golf Channel has a quote from Frey on which Eagles song best represents the game of golf

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