Sunday, March 04, 2007

Winter Wear and Download Overhaul

As usual, I have new downloads up this weekend: an MP3 of The Heat Is On from Tokyo 1992, and a video of Take It Easy from a 1973 performance. As is my new policy, it's up in both .mpg and .wmv file formats.

In fact, last weekend, I decided to reorganize my multimedia download pages for increased user-friendliness, adding copies of .wmv files to the video download pages - including the ones in the filmography for Frey's TV shows and movies. In my reorganization, I separated out all of the audio and video files and gave each set their own page in the Fun Stuff Downloads and the Live Treat Downloads. It was quite a job! Finally, to help everyone find everything as easily as possible, I developed a centralized Grand Index of Permanent Multimedia Downloads.

And one last download: I added three very short clips from an interview Frey did praising the Beach Boys from their Endless Harmony documentary.

An additional treat: Glenn Frey workin' the ski gear in this 1988 Rolling Stone spread. (Must be nice to be athletically inclined; the one time I tried to ski, I wound up accidentally going down the slope backwards, screaming in terror, stabbing my poles ineffectually at the snow in an attempt to stop myself before I careened into a hapless passerby. And no, I wasn't successful. I hit the poor guy like a ton of bricks. Unsurprising, though - I found it a daunting challenge just to get off of the ski lift without falling down and getting nailed by the chair.)

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