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Sunday, August 27, 2006

News Articles Out the Wazoo

After digging through Purdue University's archival database of nationwide newspapers dating back to 1985, I found a whole bunch of stuff on Glenn Frey. Here's the results of my research:

Also, I found a lot of concert reviews that helped me flesh out the following tour pages - they're linked from individual shows:

Additionally, I updated the biography with mention of the Felder settlement and the new album.

Finally, I added two articles about the Florida 2006 show.

And that's it!

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Cool water running through the burning sand

Some new additions to the site - thanks to timfan's help with screenshots (and giving me the DVD in the first place), I have created a few pages for the Hole in the World DVD single. Also, new downloads: How Long from Berkeley 1973 and a video of You Belong to the City from Mountain View, 1994. (Big file, but such a great performance.)

Frey Sightings

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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Strange Weather Interview Audio; New Photo Page: Downloads

Kate J. sent me a copy of a Strange Weather promotional interview - I put it up for download and also put up a transcription for those who'd rather read it.

WitchyMummy also let me know about some photos of the recent Frey show in Florida on a photo wire service, and with their arrival, I decided we had enough to make a Prelude to Obscurity Era photo page. I did this in spite of the fact that "Prelude to Obscurity Era - July 2006-Present" sounds a bit pessimistic! But hey, he's been using that to describe his solo career since 1982, so there's not too much bite left in it.

Of course, as usual, I have new downloads for this week. The video is Sexy Girl from Tokyo; the audio is Smuggler's Blues from Minneapolis 1995.

P.S. This isn't technically Frey info but I had to add - just saw the James Gang in Cleveland and they rocked the house hard-core. I highly recommend going if you appreciate guitar genius, although don't expect Eagles songs or even an Eagles concert vibe. A James Gang show is a whole 'nother animal - one that's a lot wilder.

Frey Sightings

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

New Kid in Town

Changed the downloads - this week it's all New Kid in Town. Julie G. requested my favorite live version of it and I put it up - Munchen 2001 - but also I threw in one from Gothenburg 1977 for those who prefer old-school Eagles. Also, I put up my favorite video version of it as well, all on the downloads page.

Frey Sightings
  • Frey and the other Eagles signed a guitar to be raffled off to benefit the Metrowest Red Cross. The raffle is being spearheaded by Joe Walsh and will be held on August 28. Tickets cost $25 each or three for $50, but they are only selling 500, so if you want one you'd better hustle. The number to call is 781-642-7000. More information can be found in this article.
  • While you won't find Frey there, on Sept. 29 and Sept. 30 you can attend the "Standin' on a Corner" Festival in - you guessed it - Winslow, Arizona. The tribute band "Hotel California, A Salute to the Eagles" will be the main act. More details are in this article.

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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Download Rotation and New Information

Glenn Frey and Joe Walsh will be playing at another Tiger Woods benefit on October 7! It's in Anaheim, California. According to a recent news release, tickets start at $750. Find out more information on the official Tiger Woods Foundation Site or call (714) 816-1806.

More and more press is coming out about the new Eagles album thanks to Joe and "The first half of next year" as a probable release time sounds good to me!

Now, for site updates. Barbara attended the Frey private show in Milwaukee and wrote a great review of it. Going back a little further, Jay sent in a few comments on a Party of Two show he saw back in 1993 in Hyannis, Massachusetts.

I also added some comments by Frey on On the Border to the song page in Quotable Frey, and a new Fun Fact that Frey was voted "Most Likely to Inhale" at Dondero High School. Of course, the sitemap has been updated for all this stuff!

Can't forget the downloads for this week - an MP3 of The One You Love from the Del Mar Fair in 1985 and a video of Take It Easy from Japan in 1995.

Frey Sightings
  • Frey's comments on hybrids at the Michigan show didn't come out of the blue. As this 2003 article states, he and his wife Cindy have been involved with Laurie David's anti-SUV (and other environmentally harmful vehicles) crusade for a while now. Thanks to SS for the link.
  • Miami Vice's incorporation of music such as Smuggler's Blues is blamed for popularizing the marketing of music through television programs in this article in the Age
  • This article in the Denver Post asks why the Eagles' Greatest Hits is the best-selling album of all time

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